“PunKo opens a new frontier to legs fashion and brings luxury to below the waist… the fabrics and patterns are breathtaking, and the craftsmanship is flawless.” David Nero, Talk Magazine


PunKo draws its inspiration from all traits of life, art, and everything in between. Didn’t you ever feel like walking around with a punk rock riff wrapped around your legs? Or a sheikh’s chic? Or your nana’s wallpaper?

Make your legs a part of who you really are. Forget about highlights in your hair or a Chihuahua in your purse; go for a fresh, hot pair of PunKo Tights.

PunKo is Tight

Established in Vienna, 2010

As every pair of legs is different and unique, as every love song is written with just one person in mind, so should every pair of tights be unmistakably singular in appearance and resonance. All our tights are Made To Order. You select the material, you let us know about your size & figure, we put our needles to work.